Community Resilience Fund

Suitable For:
Voluntary or community organisations, registered charities, constituted groups or clubs, not-for profit companies or Social Enterprises (aiming towards having 3 unrelated Directors) and public sector bodies for non-statutory activity.

Funding Size:
up to £5,000 (Small) £5,000 + (Large)

Application Deadlines:
2023/24 - Ongoing

Notification Dates:

The ‘Community Resilience Fund’ offers support for projects seeking emergency funding in the area of South Cumberland and Whitehaven & Coastal (the former area of Copeland). The fund offers:

  • Small Grants  (up to £5,000)
  • Large Grants  (£5,000 plus)

We are looking for projects that address the local need in response to a community emergency, which delivers benefits to address our 4 priority areas of focus:

  • Digital
  • Food & Finance
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Thriving Communities

Match funding requirements:

Applications to the ‘Community Resilience Fund’ do not need to secure match funding although support is available within the Fund Team to help identify any additional funding that is available.

Projects must demonstrate that they can meet the NDA Local Socio-Economic Impact Strategy 2020.

Any project wishing to apply should discuss outputs with the Community Development Officers to ensure they align to the NDA TOMS’s 2020. (A copy of the TOMS’s used by Copeland Community Fund can be obtained by contacting the Team).

Organisations can apply on an individual basis, however CCF also looks favourably on collaborative projects.

Exclusions for the Community Resilience Fund will include:

  • Faith based activities (unless broader community use)
  • Residential activities (outside of Cumbria) including expeditions and overseas trips
  • Direct replacement of activities which are a statutory obligation
  • Businesses which distribute profit to company directors or shareholders
  • Social Enterprises NOT aiming towards having 3 non-related Directors
  • Refurbishments or new build of community venues which will benefit only one user group

Please contact Copeland Community Fund on 07833048986 or[email protected] for further information, guidance and support prior to submitting a funding application.