About Us

Copeland Community Fund (CCF) is a separate socio-economic arrangement hosted by Cumberland Council to recognise the service South Cumberland and Whitehaven & Coastal (the former area of Copeland) provides to the nation by hosting the Low-Level Waste Repository (LLWR) close to the village of Drigg.

CCF is directly funded by NDA Group to the level of £1.5 million per annum for every year that the repository is operating, in addition to an initial endowment of £10m. The Fund provides grants to a wide range of non-profit organisations for the benefit of the local community in line with the NDA Local Social and Economic Impact Strategy 2020.

A Unilateral Undertaking was agreed in 2008 and then revised July 2016. The Unilateral Undertaking contains provisions on the level of funding provided, as well as conditions on the use of the Fund.

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