Citizen Advice Copeland (CAC) And Whitehaven & District Credit Union (WEDCU)- Copeland Financial Inclusion Project

Citizens Advice Copeland (CA Copeland) is an independent charity delivering advice services throughout the local area. The financial inclusion work supports people to maximise income and reduce expenditure, deal with household debts, reduce expenditure and secure housing.

Citizen Advice Copeland (CAC) And Whitehaven & District Credit Union (WEDCU)- Copeland Financial Inclusion Project

The continuation of the Financial Inclusion Project sees Citizens Advice Copeland delivering specialist debt and welfare benefit advice, providing financial resilience by maximising household income and dealing with debt. Together with WEDCU assisting customers to obtain basic bank accounts giving full access and control over finances.

The project will meet the needs of some of the most vulnerable people living locally, The project will focus on those who have experienced an income shock either due to a relationship breakdown, reduction of earnings or loss of employment. As well as helping those who are just about managing to get by but have problem debt that they are struggling to manage.

The Grant awarded supports salaries and additional running costs and will:

● Provide specialist financial inclusion services.

● Safeguard specialist advice roles, skills and experience in the local area.

● Provide a package support and specialist advice tailored to meet the needs of families and individuals who are in work and in crisis.

● Recruit 6 Financial Inclusion volunteers to the Citizens Advice service support increased demand.

● Recruit 2 volunteers to WEDCU

● Address the issues that are impacting clients following the pandemic including problems relating to banking and overdrafts and the impact of gambling on household incomes.

● Address the increase in clients coming to us who have mental ill health which, in part, is due to their financial situation.

● Develop services in hard to reach communities throughout the local area

● Offer training and experience opportunities to local residents

Project Impacts

FTE jobs safeguarded in CA Copeland
FTE jobs safeguarded in WEDCU
Voluntary Hours
Beneficiaries of free debt advice
£1 million
Worth of debt managed
£1 million
New benefit awards, grants and hardship payments
Minimum bespoke budgeting sessions per year
Advice clinics and workshops per year in some of our most hard to reach communities
Regular advice and information sessions in Frizington and Seascale

Project Impacts

  • Deliver the advice people need to address the financial problems they face.
  • Improve financial resilience.
  • Reduce the numbers of people struggling with debt.
  • Increase the access to benefits and grants.
  • Improve wellbeing.
  • Improve the policies and practices that affect people’s lives.