Time to Change (West Cumbria) – ‘Calderwood House staff’

Calderwood House in Egremont opened the doors to the homeless in October 2015 to provide a safe place to accommodate the growing homeless population, primarily in Copeland, prioritising ex-military personnel.  This is strictly emergency accommodation with the view that the resident will move on to independent accommodation within 6 months.  To date they have had 62 residents moving on to self-reliance.

The former police station has 11 rooms en-suite rooms, laundry room, kitchen and a large hub area that is multi- use space and of course an office.  The hub area is used for training, education, dining, live music events, inspirational speaking evenings and our popular coffee mornings.

Calderwood House, an abstinence based project, is staffed 24/7 and they are committed to ensure a safe environment for all.

Rachel Holliday, director of Calderwood House said, “Wages are by far our biggest cost.  To help us to achieve financial independence a Business Manager has been appointed via funding from Big Lottery (Peoples Project) to create alternative income streams.  During the transition we needed financial support to ensure the facility continues to be staffed as necessary.”  Rachel added “the funding from Copeland Community Fund has been incredibly valuable as we can continue to offer the same level of service without having any impact on our vulnerable residents.”

Calderwood House has created its own unique blend of coffee and a wide range of other items that can be purchased by popping to 1 Main Street, Egremont.

Other funding came from JP Getty.


  • 5.6 Full Time Equivalent Jobs Safeguarded.
  • £39,263.92 of Match Funding


  • Increase in skills and employment experience – by recruiting, training and supporting staff to assist in providing advice and support during their working hours to hostel residents
  • Improve life chances for homeless individuals within the community through the provision of a hostel for shelter, support, training and learning activities and services
  • Increased skills for more residents and job seekers in Egremont through the provision of education and training opportunities and the chance for work experience, employment and volunteering opportunities

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