Seascale Community Beach Park Grp – ‘Seascale Community Beach Park Project’

The current play area in Seascale on the beach front has been very well used since it was opened over 30 years ago. Now it is deteriorating and there are a lack of facilities in the village for children and young people to play and interact.  Equipment has become dated, falling into disrepair and in need of renewing so a project team was formed by a group of proactive parents and community members in Seascale village with the full support of the landowners, Seascale Parish Council.

Lizzie Mawson, Chair of the Beach Park project said  “We want to create a unique, challenging and interesting play landscape covering ages from toddler to teen and provide a designed landscape to include all members of the community, and create an attractive and unique seafront.

The consultation event we held at Seascale Primary School was very well attended and gave us the feedback and encouragement that this project was something that the local community were impassioned about.  We are fortunate to have the support of the Parish Council who will in the longer term be responsible for the insurance and maintenance of the upgraded play area.”

Lizzie continued “Seascale is outside the boundary for a number of funders who would generally support the improvement of play areas, therefore we are trying to source as much in-kind support as we can from local industry.  The local community has been incredibly generous and we will drive the project forward to realise the dream for the community and those from the surrounding areas.  We hope construction will be complete for summer 2018.”

Other funding comes from:  LLWR, Community Choices, CN Group, Seascale Parish Council, Sellafield Ltd, The Hadfield Trust, Persimmon Community Champions and local fundraising.


  • 1 Hectare of Open Space improved
  • £95,040.00 Match funding


  • Raising the aspirations of the community
  • Enhanced provision for the community in this rural community
  • Higher levels of active citizenship
  • Increase community pride and cohesion through delivery of community events

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