Santon Bridge Village Hall – Hall Rejuvenation

Santon Bridge Village Hall was in desperate need of an upgraded heating system. Even on a reasonably warm spring day the main room was so cold it got into your bones and winter was even more uncomfortable.

The village hall committee fully investigated a range of heating/insulation options and had selected which is the best value for the rural location (not being on mains gas or having suitable enough electrical supply) and the most user friendly. They also wanted the hall to be fully accessible for all the community.

Madeleine Warren, treasurer and project lead said’ “The committee were very conscious of the need to upgrade sooner rather than later as user numbers were dropping. We had raised a good amount of funds over the last few years but not enough to undertake the project without additional help. However what we have achieved already is remarkable and is already making a difference”.

Since upgrading the heating system and insulation the Village Hall Committee have been able to organise events over the winter months with confidence that the temperature in the Hall will be comfortable for our users. A Christmas Craft Fair and two shows have been held and were well attended with good feedback about the transformation. In addition keep fit classes started in January – that would have been impossible with the previous heating system.

Another big benefit is the simplicity of the controls of the new heating system, an important factor as they can be easily explained to and operated by the various groups who meet in the Hall. Santon Bridge Village Hall is now easier to run and altogether a much improved community asset.

Other funding was secured from: Lake District National Park Authority Community Fund, Cumbria Community Foundation, Irton with Santon Parish Council, Cumbria County Council and from own fundraising initiatives.


  • 138 sq metres of new or refurbished floor space
  • 1 new/improved cultural facility
  • 300 local people with access to community sport/health/cultural opportunities/facilities
  • Increased users


  • Double winter usage of the hall over the next 2 years to May 2016
  • Increased user satisfaction with improved environment
  • Achieve listing of the Village Hall as a community asset
  • Monitor Hall running costs to assess value for money