North Copeland Youth Partnership – ‘Staffing Costs’

North Copeland Youth Partnership is a successful youth club operating from Parton Village Hall. NCYP provides youth activities for young people aged 8-19 years in the villages of Parton, Lowca and Moresby.

The Youth Club is open 3 nights a week and 25-35 young people access this on a regular basis.

The young people are actively involved in community activities and this helps to keep the area better for all ages e.g. youth club members regularly do a beach clean.

Other activities which the Club delivers or supports include:

  • Cinema Night (in partnership with Arts Out West-Kirkgate Centre and Inspira)
  • Tumble Track
  • Issue based workshops e.g. Heart Start, First Aid and Drug and Alcohol
  • Craft sessions e.g. Halloween and Messel Makers (in partnership with Rosehill Theatre)
  • Trips in school holidays e.g. Outdoor Activities (ghyll Scrambling, canoeing, raft building), Lightwater Valley, Edinburgh, theatre trips and residentials.

The funding from Copeland Community Fund will support the posts of the Youth Development Officer and part-time Youth Worker for 2 years. Additional funding was received from Francis C Scott (£25,000), Home Group (£15,000) and Cumbria Community Foundation (£5,000).

Valda Young, NCYP Youth Development Officer, said, “This funding allows our youth club a significant level of security for the next 2 years. As with all youth organisations in Copeland we have lost some traditional sources of funding both last year and for the coming years. Copeland Community Fund continues to be an invaluable source of funding and support.”


  • 1.5 Full Time Equivalent Jobs Safeguarded
  • 400 Volunteer Hours
  • 50 Young People attending more than 10 sessions in a year
  • £45,000.00 of Match Funding


  • A wide range of informal educational sessions will be delivered to 80 young people annually. These will raise confidence and promote skills development e.g. practical skills (Heartstart), creative skills (Arts awards)
  • We will continue to identify & deliver opportunities for partnership working with Parton Parish Council, community members and other organisations such as Rosehill Arts and Inspira. By doing so we will be able to offer a wider range of activities and support the sustainability of the Village Hall
  • We will encourage young people to take part as “active citizens”, supporting their inclusion within their own communities e.g. active involvement in planning, decision making & delivery of community events

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