Moresby Parish Council – ‘Play Area’

The community of Moresby Parks have celebrated as funding for an upgraded play area was secured in September 2013 and was fully completed Thursday 3 April 2014.

Moresby Parish Council raised £49,968.10 in total; £9,814 from Awards for All, £20,000 of their own funding via the parish precept and the final funding of £20,154.10 from Copeland Community Fund which allowed them to be more ambitious, expand the plans for the upgraded play area and create a fantastic community facility. Already the project has had excellent feedback with one resident saying ‘the play area has put the heart back into the community’.

Helen Conway, Parish Council member and Project Lead said, “The play area was in a state of disrepair, was underused and had become an eyesore. There are over 1400 people living in Moresby Ward which includes a number of families with young children. A survey was undertaken and the feedback by the residents stated that an upgraded local play area was a key priority to improve the community. Consultation with children and young people on design and equipment was undertaken with the support of North Copeland Youth Partnership”.

Helen added “The equipment chosen appeals to an age range of 2 years up to age 15+ years which has broadened the appeal of the play area for a greater age range. The upgraded play area is accessible to all members of the community; having an outdoor space in the village for children to play and families to gather is a great asset to this community. The space is being well used and our official open event is planned for April to celebrate our project”.


•0.5 Hectare of Open Space Improved
•£9,814 Additional Funding drawn into the Area
•1,500 Local People with access to Community Facilities


1.A fit for purpose, quality play area providing equipment for children and young people from 2-15+ years
2.Increased numbers of children and young people use the play area and have the opportunity of outdoor play. Target of 100% increase in usage in Year 1.
3.To provide a quality, improved open space (.5 hectare) which will become a focus for the community, enhance social networks and sense of community.