Mirehouse Labour Club – ‘Facility Upgrade’

The team behind the project to refurbish Mirehouse Labour Club on Honister Road have completed the work on the function room and toilets with a successful bid to Copeland Community Fund.

The renovations which cost £40,000 have provided improved facilities for a wide range of community events, celebrations and music events.

Steve Nicholson, Project Lead, said, “Securing the Copeland Community Fund grant was fantastic news and was the final piece in the funding jigsaw that enabled us to commence with the project and have it completed sooner than we had hoped. Mirehouse Labour Club is now truly the Hub of the community”.

Improved toilets, including the installation of a disabled toilet, seating re-upholstered, new carpets, new ceiling and new furniture has made the facility much more appealing and comfortable to new audiences and users.

Mark Ryan, President of the Labour Club added, “The Labour Club is currently used by a wide range of the community members and renovating the function room and toilets will also enable us to increase income and improve our long term sustainability. And the Club will continue to be a great community meeting and event space.”

Tim Knowles, Community Fund Chair said, “The Mirehouse Labour Club has been in much need of redevelopment and this project will preserve this community facility for a number of years to come. We were supportive of this project due to the community wide usage and the amount of match funding that the organisation managed to secure from other sources and from their own fundraising efforts.”

Other funding was secured from NMP, Cumbria County Council and own fundraising.


1 full time job safeguarded
9 part time jobs safeguarded
1,000 square metres of refurbished floor space
10 new volunteering opportunities
2,000 local people with access to community sport/health/cultural opportunities/facilities


Raising the aspirations of the community
Increasing community pride and cohesion through delivery of community events
Strengthening and sustaining the community