Millom Network Centre – ‘Providing and Facilitating Business, Educational and Community Services’

The staff of the Millom Network Centre aimed to develop a service hub, thereby bringing more vocational training to the people of South Copeland, supporting new business development, meanwhile helping existing businesses with their sustainability.

Paul Stewart, Centre Manager said: “Since the project started in April 2012 with the support of Copeland Community Fund, MNC has attracted new partners and users/tenants to add to the range of services available from the Centre. The Centre continues to look for opportunities to deliver services locally with the help of tenant partners.

Education and Training has developed also in the same period with a noticeable improvement in providing assistance with qualifications and helping people find work. The Centre with the help of DWP has started a Work Club and added a new IT private room for people to look for jobs, print off vacancy information and even phone for jobs or go on Skype for an interview if needed.”


2 social enterprises created
250 local people helped to secure employment, education or training
250 local people assisted in their skills development
9 jobs created or safeguarded
400 visitors attracted
250 local people with access to new community sport / health / cultural opportunities / facilities
1 improved sports facility
70 new volunteering opportunities


Increase the turnover of 100 businesses, creating 6 new jobs
100 16-18 year olds to gain NVQ level 1 and 2 qualifications
70 volunteers recruited and trained to support the development
400 local residents attending community activities