Inspira – ‘Friday Night Project’

The Friday Night Project is managed by Inspira and it aims to reduce anti-social behaviour in key areas at ‘hotspot’ times and give young people a safe place to go with activities to do on a Friday night. This project follows on from a successful pilot scheme. The Copeland Community Fund funding now means that this project can continue for a further 3 years and expand on the areas that are covered by the pilot project.

The project also brings together many of the youth providers in Copeland who ensure high quality delivery in their locality.

Mike Priestley, Project Manager from Inspira said “Statistics provided by our key partners in Cumbria Police show us the areas with the highest rates of anti-social behaviour. The funding from Copeland Community Fund has allowed us to provide alternative activities for young people in these areas by providing them with a safe place to go in their neighbourhoods to take part. Targeted work on risk taking behaviour is also included around alcohol and substance misuse. Local Youth Providers have been key in the delivery of this project, as they are able to provide a local point of contact”.

The project is unusual in receiving a majority of its funding from Copeland Community Fund, this reflects the Funds’ desire to see this work continue. The remainder of the funding has come from the Cumbria Police and Crime Commissioner Fund.


• 2.77 Jobs Created/Safeguarded
• 1000 Local People with Access to new Community Sport/Health/Cultural Opportunities


1. Reduction in the rates or youth anti-social behaviour against base figures from the average of the 3 years previous to 2012/13
2. Increase participation in positive youth work activities in locality areas
3. Sustain Friday night delivery in existing areas and expanding the number of areas with Friday night delivery on offer