Home to Work Ltd. – Skills 4 You

The project enables Skills 4 You leaners to actively engage in real life work settings by working within workshops creating up-cycled and hand crafted items which can then be sold at market stalls to the public.

Karen Jones, Managing Director at Skills 4 You “We aim to encourage thinking differently, to problem solve and stop self-defeating thoughts. We want our learners to be able to identify the barriers to their development and help them find solutions for each of these barriers”.

Other funding was secured from: Cumbria Community Foundation,The National Lottery and Sellafield Ltd.


  • 3.4 FTE Jobs safeguarded
  • 160 Local people assisted with skills development
  • 100 Local people helped to secure employment
  • £98,554 Match Funding


  • Increased number of learners gaining skills from employment
  • Increase in learners confidence to return to work
  • Social inclusion