Groundwork North East and Cumbria – ‘Haverigg Foreshore Footpath and Children’s Art Trail’

The Haverigg Foreshore Footpath project was led by Groundwork NE & Cumbria but involved a partnership with Copeland Borough Council, Millom Town Council, Haverigg Beach Buddies and Haverigg School to deliver a major footpath upgrade with the creation of a children’s art trail including a mosaic designed by the pupils of Haverigg School.

Stella Kent, Senior Project Officer from Groundwork NE & Cumbria said, “Following on from Haverigg beach being awarded a Quality Coastline Award in May 2010, improvements needed to be made to ensure this award could be retained. The Haverigg community really got behind this and formed the Haverigg Beach Buddies group to advise on developments at the beach. Access to the beach was identified as a key issue and the final funding from Copeland Community Fund allowed us to make these plans a reality; forming an anchor for future developments of the foreshore.”

Stella added, “The pupils from Haverigg School really wanted to reflect the history of Haverigg as a traditional fishing village and boat building area, so they incorporated fishing and boat themes into the mosaic. This allows them to explore the history of their community which is fantastic.”


  • 2 Hectares of Open Space improved
  • £49,168.82 Additional Funding drawn into the Area
  • 1 New/Improved Cultural Facility
  • 40 New Volunteering Opportunities
  • 30 Local People assisted in their Skills Development
  • 8,000 Local People with access to Community Sport/Health/Cultural Opportunities/Facilities


  • Increase community involvement in the beach area
  • Raise aspirations for the area and be a catalyst for future initiatives
  • Raise the quality coast (seaside) award at Haverigg beach
  • Increased economic activity in Haverigg – increased trade at local businesses such as the beach café and caravan site

Funds for the project came from Copeland Community Fund, WREN, Copeland Borough Council and West Cumbria FLAG.