Greenbank Community Association – ‘Play Area’

Local residents in Greenbank have celebrated as funding for an upgraded play area and MUGA was secured in late 2011.

The Greenbank Community Association raised £79,000 through grant funding. With additional funding drawn in from Home Group, Francis C Scott Trust amongst others.

Ann Maudling, Treasurer, Greenbank Community Association said, “The previous play area was becoming unsafe as a consequence we held a consultation event in April 2010 which really prompted us into action to make improvements. We took the children’s and parent’s comments on board and worked with suppliers to ensure we addressed their requirements”

Ann explained, “The project took just over two years to complete and we are delighted to have such a well-used and well-loved play area and multi-use games area (MUGA) within our community. The play area has been designed to challenge young people together with supporting their development. This development is a great asset to our community and is used on a daily basis by children of all ages. Greenbank has its share of lone parent families and the play areas are well used by young mums who socialise and develop support networks while they are watching their children.”


Renew and upgrade existing play area
Add MUGA for wider community use


Equipment will be upgraded for use by toddlers, juniors and older young people therefore creating a space for all ages to mix.
The renewed space will enable residents to socialise whilst engaging with their children. The MUGA will open up the opportunity for wider community to engage with each other and learn new sports skills.
Greenbank Community Association can help draw in other organisations to provide taster sessions and coaching.
Community events can be held on and around the play area as well as using the improved site for detached work.