Ennerdale Hub Ltd – The Gather Long Term Sustainability

The Gather is a cafe, shop and community space owned by Ennerdale Hub Ltd. The Gather’s previous manager left at the end of February 2018.

This role was part paid (10 hours per week) from revenues and part paid from the Power to Change fund. The remainder of the role was undertaken by volunteers when available.

Although this was a successful start-up model, long-term sustainability needs a full time manager in place. This allows a dedicated person the time to grow the business, train the staff to maintain standards, and ensure the community objectives of The Gather are met. Without this full time role the long-term sustainability of The Gather is at risk, as the project is still highly reliant upon grants to balance the books. The aim of this project is to remove that reliance.

Robert Dean as Treasurer was Project Manager. He is a professional accountant with extensive business and project experience. The organisation is supported by a large number of volunteers, some of whom have specialist skills in project management and HR.

In a meeting held in January 2018 with CCF, a new application was discussed which would focus solely on salary costs to support a full time Manager for The Gather. The aim being to maintain and grow the retail element of The Gather, improve footfall, community engagement and occupancy of community spaces ensuring long term sustainability. Currently the Manager role is salaried 20 hours per week.

This application focuses solely on The Gather and the key role of the Manager in increasing profitability, coordinating & developing the small staff team and a large number of volunteers (delivering an average of 5750 volunteer hours per annum). Therefore this project provides an opportunity to build on the achievements to date, including indirectly sustaining 5 FTE jobs and a volunteer base of 41 volunteers.


  • 1 FTE Job Created
  • 5 FTE Jobs Safeguarded
  • 50 Local people assisted in their skills development
  • £65,000 Match funding
  • 27,300 Number of attendances at a tourism attraction, community venue, sports session/ event
  • 17,240 Number of Volunteer Hours


  • The Gather will continue to operate and provide the benefits to the community that it does now