Ennerdale Community Hub – ‘ Fox and Hounds Community Pub’

The community of Ennerdale has been given more than £100,000 from the Copeland Community Fund to bring the village’s facilities back to life.

Earlier in the year residents bought shares in the Fox and Hounds pub, which had been closed for five months, renovated it and reopened it as a community pub.

Now the aim is to use the new grant to fund staff, training and fees over the next five years in an effort to reinstate lost services. These could include a shop, post office, visitors’ centre, bicycle hire, a café and toilets.

As well as putting in between £100 and £4,000 each to buy shares, the new shareholders helped renovate the property to bring it back up to standard.

They, along with volunteers, cleaned, redecorated, did essential electrical work, refurbished and reequipped the kitchen and overhauled the beer garden to create an idyllic rural village pub.

Peter Maher, project manager, said: “This has been an incredible community project to be involved in and this pub will now benefit from having over 214 shareholders (so far!) committed to its future success”.

“It has brought our community together in many different ways and the support already received from volunteers and trades could not have been better. There a real buzz of excitement in the community now and a growing confidence that they are able to achieve remarkable things”.

The group have also recently secured funding from the Copeland Community Fund to support the sustainability of the project and to enable the project to reinstate other services back into the village.


10 Full time job created (including chef and manager post)
£1,043,192 Economic Impact
2,600 Visitors attracted
1,000 Local people with access to new community sport/health/cultural opportunities/facilities


The main outcome will be the growing regeneration of Ennerdale Bridge and environs

A thriving and successful village pub at the Fox and Hounds that attracts large numbers of visitors to sample its food, drink and hospitality

A busy and successful village shop providing a range of services for local people and visitors

Locally sourced produce from a local farm producers group that can be tasted in the restaurant and is available at the village shop and for home delivery

A range of services to the considerable influx of tourists each year that help to build the Ennerdale Valley as a destination of choice