Lamplugh Village Hall – ‘Energy Efficiencies’

The aim of Lamplugh Village Hall was to make the building more energy efficient.

The project had secured funding from other sources including Cumbria Waste Management Environment Trust and Waste Recycling Environmental Limited (WREN) to deliver the work.

The group, with support from the community development team, maximised their applications to other funders and had carried out an energy audit to ensure an efficient and value for money scheme.

With the improvements to heating and ventilation the Village Hall will now be able to open for longer and host more events, creating a suitable income for the hall to expand in the future.


Physical improvement to the community village hall
Improving heating and ventilation
Increase usage of the premises by 10% per month
Significantly reduce heat loss from the building
Reduce energy usage and energy costs
Improve comfort levels during cold winter and hot summers
Make the Village Hall more attractive to prospective users