Egremont Cricket Club – ‘Facility Upgrade’

Egremont Cricket Club has been transformed into a modern fit for purpose clubhouse facility with the completion of a £242,000 building project with the assistance of £80,000 funding from the Copeland Community Fund.

Secretary of Egremont Cricket Club, Michael Williams said “Working in partnership with the Cumbria Cricket Board and English Cricket Board, Egremont Cricket Club has been designated as the strategic centre in Copeland to lead on the further development of cricket for women and girls. This development will be in partnership with other cricket clubs in the Borough. On-field improvement will also see the welcome introduction of a Men’s 3rd XI. This will facilitate the transition of current and future U15s into men’s cricket, and thus contribute to the sporting sustainability of our club”.

Michael added “In order to accommodate these exciting developments the club undertook the major project to extend and enhance the clubhouse, including up-to-date changing facilities for players, officials changing room, accessible toilet, new ladies and gents toilets and storage area. The transformation has been incredible and without the funding from the Copeland Community Fund we would have not been able to meet our aspirations”.


244 Sq Metres of New or Refurbished Floorspace
1 New/Improved Sports Facilities
£120,000 Amount of Additional Funding drawn into the Area immediately, with possibility of additional £28,800 for Phase 4. [Decision from Sport England Inspiring Facilities on Phase 4 new nets expected December 2012].
1 New/Improved Cultural Facilities
4 New Volunteering Opportunities
4 Local People Assisted in their Skills Development
350 No. of Local People with Access to Community Sport/Health/Cultural Opportunities/Facilities


An increase in the take-up of cricket development and playing opportunities by women and girls in Copeland. By identifying key women and girls in the Borough who are willing to help us lead on this venture, holding open days, taster sessions, primary school tournaments and promoting ourselves as a club with modern facilities.

An increase in the numbers of U15 players continuing into the senior game, through the newly introduced 3rd Team, thus keeping more young men in our club, engaging in constructive and healthy activities.

The opportunity to host more games on behalf of Cumbria Cricket Board (which requires better facilities for players, umpires and spectators)

To generate more income for the future economic sustainability of the club. For instance, like other cricket clubs in West Cumbria we hope to host training courses, meetings and small conferences, weddings, concerts and other functions

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