Distington Community Amateur Sports Club

The club is the hub of the local community with lots of social activities for all ages and was in a poor state of repair as there had been little improvement since it was built in the mid 80’s.

Funding was requested to carry out improvements to provide a modern, sustainable, accessible and fit for purpose facility for regular clubhouse users and the wider community.

Although the lockdown slowed down some elements of the project, it allowed some of the rugby team who were furloughed to volunteer to fully decorate the outside which was not budgeted for in our scope.

Gareth Frazer, Distington CASC “The difference we found with the Copeland Community Fund was the help and support we got from the team; from our initial enquiry, through the application process and throughout the project. The team showed a genuine interest in our progress. We also found that once we had The Copeland Community Fund on board as a funder, other funders were keen to get involved and this has enabled us to deliver a successfulproject, delivering benefits to the local community”.

Other funding was secured from Cumbria Community Foundation, Potato Pot Windfarm Fund, Sellafield Limited, OneAim and Distington Big Local.


  • £44,000.00 Match Funding
  • Local people who access a sports facility to increase from 85 to 110 people by the end of 2 years from project completion
  • 1 Improved community facility
  • Increase sport support volunteers from 27 to 35. Attract 50 new members to join the CASC by the end of the 2 years from project completion
  • 165m2 Metres of refurbished floor space


  • Provide enhanced facilities for social and leisure groups.
  • Provide affordable high quality facilities for community events.
  • Provide a facility accessible for all.
  • Provide a meeting place for activities in a comfortable and welcoming environment that will therefore
  • Improve the wellbeing of people living in and around Distington.
  • Ensure appliances and lighting are energy efficient to reduce the environmental impact.
  • Ensure the building is fit for purpose.
  • Provide and Environmental Health registered kitchen that is accessible for disabled users.