Cumbrian SPAAF – ‘Copeland Schools Activate Project’

Cumbrian Sport and Physical Activity Alliance Foundation (SPAAF) and Copeland School Sports Partnership were thrilled when the funding was confirmed for their Copeland Schools Activate Project, that would provide specific training to teaching staff in every Primary, Junior, Infant and Special School in Copeland (40 in total) in order that they could deliver the Activate programme within their school.

The project also supplied each school with 30 resource packs each so that they could immediately begin to deliver the programme once trained. The Activate programme had a direct link to the Change for Life programme that aims to reduce obesity and promote healthy lifestyles and wellbeing.

Once trained teaching/school staff were able to:

  • Deliver Activate once a week in a school at time(s) that works within a typical school week
  • Deliver 30 minutes in the classroom learning about healthy lifestyles
  • Deliver interactive sessions using the Activate workbook
  • Coordinate 45 – 60 minutes each week playing fun activities and games
  • Distribute weekly handouts to take home and work through with the family

Jonathon Scott from SPAAF said, “Sadly Copeland has poor statistics on obesity levels and in consultation with the Healthy Weight in Copeland Group the targeted age group for our project was identified as a priority age group to work with to intervene and prevent obesity in Copeland as well as promote healthy active lifestyles.  They will also connect with local sports clubs and community groups to establish exit routes for young people looking to make the first step into community sport and physical activity sessions.”

Sonia Dryden, Copeland School Games Organiser added, “the take up has been excellent with 25 schools participating and 750 young people actively engaging in the project, which in turn influences parents, carers and wider community to make healthier choices and promote healthy active lifestyles and wellbeing.   The young people are engaging with the School Games programme so already there is an increase in the number of inactive pupils taking part in Intra School events.”

A celebration event was held in July 2016 where participating schools were offered the opportunity to come together and showcase their newly found skills and knowledge.

Other funding came from:  CFM Cash for Kids and Copeland School Sports Partnership


  • 80 Local People assisted in their Skills Development


  • Recruit and train 80 staff from schools
  • Deliver 1 programme in each school (40) to 30 children
  • Promote healthy active lifestyles
  • Reduce obesity

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