Copeland Stadium Trust – ‘Function Room Refurbishment’

The team behind the project to refurbish the Function Room at Copeland Stadium at Hensingham have completed the work with a successful £4,000 bid to Copeland Community Fund.

The upgrading which cost £16,649 has provided improved facilities for a wide range of community events, celebrations and sports/music events.

James Egan, Project Lead said, “Securing the Copeland Community Fund grant was fantastic news and enabled us to commence with the project. Without the help and assistance from the Community Development Team we would never have completed the funding package or the project so quickly. The improvement to the walls and flooring has made the facility much more appealing and comfortable to new audiences and users. And the improved insulation will help us keep our energy costs down”.

Jackie Reid, President of the Stadium Trust added, “The Stadium is currently used by a wide range of groups, but by renovating the function room it is more multi-functional and it will enable us to increase income and improve our long term sustainability. As we have good on-site parking and the Function Room is accessible to all members of the community we hope to attract a wider range of users from conference attendees to concert goers”.

Other funding was secured from CN Group, Home Group, Coalfields Regeneration Trust, Lloyds TSB and own fundraising.


• 2 part time Jobs Safeguarded
• 143 Sq Metres of New or Refurbished Floor Space
• 1 New/Improved Sports Facility
• 1 New/Improved Health Facility
• £12,000 Additional Funding drawn into the Area
• 1,000 Local People with access to Community Sport/Health Facilities


1. Raising the aspirations of the community
2. Increase community pride and cohesion through delivery of community events
3. Strengthening and sustaining the community