CBC & Lakes College – ‘Copeland Apprenticeship Scheme’

The partnership scheme led by Copeland Borough Council and Lakes Colleges is open to unemployed individuals aged 16 and over with specific emphasis on those young people not in employment, education and training (NEET). The scheme engages with local employers, in particular those who have not employed apprentices previously, and they are entitled to a 60% subsidy towards the apprentice salary.

Success of the scheme has meant additional funding has been attracted and 55 people are now signed up

Apprenticeships are being created in the areas:
• Tourism
• Leisure
• Catering & Hospitality
• Retail
• Construction
• Social Care
• Nuclear Supply Chain


72 Apprenticeship training opportunities to unemployed residents in Copeland
£149,000 Match Funding. Working Neighbourhood Fund


Creation of 45 new apprenticeships with local employers
Recruitment of worklessness and NEET learners to new apprenticeship opportunities
45 individuals with nationally recognised framework qualifications
Up to 100 individuals who meet the entry requirements for apprentice framework Level 2/3 including those individuals accessing pre-apprentice basic skills support.
Better resourced local employers
Local employers with skilled workforce