Beckermet with Thornhill Parish Council – Extension to Changing Rooms

Since 1986 the village of Thornhill has maintained a football team, and since 2015 has had two seperate senior football teams.

In 2007, after storm damage to the old changing rooms and a portacabin for storage which had been “added on”, the Parish Council, in partnership with the football team, raised enough funding to build the new changing rooms building.

They have realised that the current facility is no longer meeting the needs of the participants and additional storage space was required. There is also the possibility that the Parish Council/Football Clubs would take on grass cutting of the playing field if there is adequate storage for grounds maintenance equipment.

With efforts being made to try and establish some junior football teams within the village, the storage space will be required even more.

Thornhill FC and Thornhill Social FC will be working with Active Cumbria and Cumberland FA to move this initiative forward but much will be dependent on recruiting the necessary help in the form of volunteers/coaches and having support from parents.

“We expect the works to be fully completed and available prior to the commencement of the start of the football season in August 2018. The extension will allow the changing rooms to be used for changing purposes and remove the need for coaches and volunteers to store equipment in their own homes.” Advised Project Lead Sam Meteer from Beckermet with Thornhill Parish Council.


  • £5,280 Match Funding
  • 1 Improved Facility
  • 27 Square Metres Improved Floor Space


  • To raise the aspirations of the community – to provide a fit for purpose facility that the community want to and can use effectively.
  • Improve health and wellbeing of the community members – to continue to provide a facility for recreation and activities.