Greenbank Pensioners and Residents Club – ‘Facility Upgrade’

Greenbank Pensioners and Residents Club (GPRC) had their initial contact with the Fund in 2012 as they had realised that the facility was in need of upgrading.  Some members of the local community were struggling to access the club, and if they could manage to attend events, the welfare facilities did not meet modern standards or the Equality Act 2010 – so usage was difficult for those with mobility issues.

The committee wanted to upgrade the club to help to reduce social isolation in the older estate residents and be a more attractive facility to attract an increased range of activities and events.  GPRC also wanted to make the building more energy efficient, have a fully functioning kitchen, hoping that this would also encourage even greater community use.

The Club successfully applied for a CCF Development Grant to fund a full independent Energy Audit and a contribution towards drawings.

The findings of the Energy Audit gave the organisation solid evidence of the need to improve the insulation, install a new boiler and make appropriate thermal improvements that would reduce their energy bills and improve the organisation’s sustainability.  But more importantly make the facility a much warmer and inviting place to socialise and attend activities.

An access survey by Copeland Disability Forum also provided great advice on what improvements needed to be incorporated to ensure legislation was met.

Once all funding is secure it is anticipated that the work will be completed during the summer of 2017 and a celebration event can be held for the residents of the Greenbank Estate to see the upgraded club.

Peter Tyson, Project Lead, said “Without the incredible support of the Copeland Community Fund Projects Coordinator we would not be in the enviable position we are in now.  We are confident that the remaining funds will be secured and work on the transformation will commence in early May”.

Other funding is being provided from:

Club’s own fundraising £2,000.00

WREN £49,005.50

R. Gill – Mayor of Whitehaven £1,000.00

Sellafield Charity Trust £4,600.00

Whitehaven Town Council £10,000.00


  • 882 Sq Metres of New or Refurbished Floor Space
  • 1 No of New/Improved Community Facilities
  • £69,302.00 of Match Funding


  1. To provide a place to meet and undertake social activities that is accessible to all members of the Greenbank estate and the wider community. By having a modern, safe, clean facility for the community to be proud of
  2. Ensure the facility meets the accessibility criteria of the 2010 Equality Act. By undertaking improvements as advised by Copeland Disability Forum
  3. Reduction in utility usage by undertaking improvements as advised in the Energy Audit

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