75% funding available

Local Communities Fund (£3k – £25k)

75% funding available

Copeland Community Fund 2019-2022 ‘Local Communities Fund’ offers support for projects seeking funding between £3,000 and £25,000 in the borough.

There are 6 areas (themes) in which a project may focus:

  • Work & Skills
  • Arts, Culture & Sports
  • Community Action
  • Youth
  • Quality Open Spaces
  • Improvements to Built Environment

Projects must demonstrate that they can meet the NDA Socio Economic Policy.

Organisations can apply on an individual basis, however CCF also looks favourably on collaborative projects.

Applications to the Local Communities Fund require a minimum of 25% match funding already secured or applied for.

Any project wishing to apply should consider how they can achieve and demonstrate the following outputs where relevant:

  • Match Funding
  • Full Time Equivalent Jobs Created
  • Full Time Equivalent Jobs Safeguarded
  • Local People Assisted in their Skills Development
  • Local People Helped to Secure Employment, Education or Training
  • No. of Volunteer Hours
  • No. of Attendances at facility, project or event (throughput)
  • No. of Local people who access facility, project or event (unique individuals / participants)
  • No. of New/Improved Facilities (sport, cultural or community)
  • Hectares / Sq Metres of New/Improved Environment

Exclusions for the Local Communities Fund will include:

    • Faith based activities (unless broader community use)
    • Residential activities (outside of Cumbria) including expeditions and overseas trips
    • Direct replacement of activities which are a statutory obligation
    • Refurbishments or new build of community venues which will benefit only one user group


    Contact Copeland Community Fund on 07833048986 for further information or email [email protected]