Community Wellbeing


Copeland Community Fund 2022-2025 Strategy introduces a priority for Community Wellbeing projects. The purpose is to provide revenue and / or capital support to existing provision within Copeland and consider new complementary provision.

  • Projects may also wish to include one or more of the 5 Ways to Wellbeing:
    • Connect
    • Be Active
    • Keep Learning
    • Give to Others
    • Be Mindful
  • Areas projects may focus on include, but are not limited to:
    • Healthy eating programmes and initiatives
    • Active lifestyles
    • Social inclusion
    • Social prescription programmes
    • Mental health and wellbeing
    • Carers initiatives
    • Social Action
    • Arts and culture
  • Projects must demonstrate that they can meet the NDA Socio Economic Strategy.
  • Organisations can apply for community wellbeing projects on an individual basis, however, CCF also looks favourably on collaborative projects.
  • Applications to the Fund require match funding of:
    • 25% for projects with a grant request £3K to £25K
    • 50% for projects with a grant request in excess of £25k
  • Community wellbeing projects will be limited to a three-year funding term.
  • Any project wishing to apply should consider how they can achieve and demonstrate a mix of the
    following outputs:

    • Initiatives aimed at making local communities safer or reducing crime or anti-social behaviour
    • Initiatives taken or supported to engage people in health interventions
    • Initiatives or interventions taken to promote good mental health or that increase access to effective
      mental health support
    • Equipment or resources donated to Voluntary Community & Social Enterprises
    • Number of voluntary hours donated to support Voluntary Community & Social Enterprises (excluding expert
      business advice)
    • Donations or in-kind contributions to local community projects
    • Number of Attendances at a facility project or event


Exclusions for the Community Wellbeing Fund include:

  • Faith based activities and venues (unless broader community use)
  • Residential activities (outside of Cumbria) including expeditions and overseas trips
  • Direct replacement of activities which are a statutory obligation


Please contact Copeland Community Fund on 07833048986 or [email protected] for further information, guidance and support prior to submitting a funding application.